in.touch™ world edition App Reviews

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Publicity in app sucks!!!

Good app but they should remove flashing advertising.. very annoying !!!

Not good

Dosnt connect unless you are next to the spa

Do not buy this app

Requires you to be on the same wifi network. They basically lied about this. false advertising! Get the free home edition.

Its ok

I wish theyd fine tune this some... The temp adjustment seems finicky at times depending what device Im on. I wish theyd actually have a winter setting on here as thats really the sole purpose for buying the device and app. Also I wish there was a way to turn the filter on for a set period of time (TIMER) and not schedule it like letting it filter and circulate chemicals then getting your electric bill a few weeks later and

Needs some updating

It works now, most of the time, but I wish they would improve the app, add features, and I wish they had an IFTTT channel.

It Works...

It functions well, but can I get the option to add the network info manually (connect to a hidden wireless network???)

Very handy, some issues

We love the app which allows to manage our tub from anywhere in the world (hydropool 775) Setup was very easy, overall we are happy with it but we noticed the following: - it should have the status of the different components as it shows on the tub display (filtering, heating) - it should give the option, especially for a paying app, to not show adds on the main page - it often says "filtration suspended" when in a filter cycle, and indeed the filter pump is not running at that time. Not sure if its an app problem or a tub problem. Going to our dealer this week to ask about it

Connection Problems

After the latest version (Nov2014) app seems to lose connection!!!

Need update to run on iOS 8.4.1

Need to be updated to run on iOS 8.4.1 Disconnect all the time!

Dont work anymore

This World version dont works anymore since were on iOS 8.4. Cant connect via cell. Reset spa with pin 3 and 4 but cant connect. Still working on wifi.

Doesnt work with iOS9

Great layout, app isnt always reliable.. Doesnt always work on cellular network. The app should have push notifications to show if anything has gone wrong with the spa.


Just purchased this app for my HYDROPOOL hot tub. It keeps crashing at launch. Need a software upgrade to run.

Wont open in ios9

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Basic unstable app

First, it s a shame that I had to pay 5$ to get the world edition when I already spent 250$ to buy the in touch module. This app is unstable and crash quite often. It will connect 50% of the time with my spa. The app is so basic, so many featured are missing... they should have maximised it....ex: I can control my 2 water pumps but not my blower...was is that hard to add a button for the blower? They should also add an alert if the water temperature of the spa goes down under 96 degrees...this could make us save a disaster... There no such features... I regret buying this app and the intouch.

Dont waste your money!

Finally got this up and running with a wifi range extender for a grand total of $530, and it still only works half the time. Useless for what I bought it for because it is so unreliable!

Step in the right direction & Great Support!

I am ecstatic that I now have the ability to change my hot tub settings anywhere that I have cell service. This app is long overdue. Unfortunately 3 stars b/c it has lost some of the flexibility of the original wifi-only in.touch app. One of my peeves of in.touch world is that you can no longer toggle economy mode manually. You also need to have a consistently strong wifi signal between your home router and the tub for this to work correctly. I chose to purchase a wifi range extender to help. The app support from in.touch is fast and very helpful.

Works awesome. Must have for spa owners

I just installed this for a new customer. I am amazed at how easy it was to install and how well it works. It adds a whole other level of controllability to your spa.

Good start

Would love to have a run time feature to know how long heater is running for, a wifi indicator on app to tell how good signal to router is, and a alert feature (text msg?) if tub drops below certain set point for winter. Overall, app works fine, can monitor temp, turn off and on pumps, blower, light, and has maint reminders, filter cycle programs, and other neat features.

used to work great

worked great for a year, now it doesn’t. Still fine on local network, but not through the internet which is the whole point. I emailed the company and got no response. Have tried rebooting everything, reinstalling app, to no avail.

Worked for a short time?

Purchased and installed the unit. Did the set up at least 50 times over a week or so. Works fine in the house over Wifi. Worked for a short time remotely via cell service but quit. Tried resetting it way to many times again. Waste of money.

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